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Name:Garrett Hawke
The eldest child of a Free Marches' noblewoman and an apostate mage, Hawke exhibited the first signs of magical ability before he was able to walk without falling over - specifically, he showed an uncanny ability to summon spirits and demons of the Fade.

More than once in Hawke's youth did his father rise in the night to feed his child, only to feel the presence of spirits pressing at the Veil by the time he arrived. As Hawke grew older, his abilities with magic only increased, and Leandra and Malcolm soon decided that they couldn't send Hawke to the Circles, where he'd be a prisoner under constant suspicion from the Templars.

The pair would have two more children, twins Bethany and Carver. While Carver showed no magical ability, Bethany was as promising a mage as Hawke, although her skills lay in a different direction.

Acutely aware of the dangers of being an apostate, and aware that his abilities with spirits make him more at risk of demonic influence than most, Hawke is guarded, wary of people, and in many ways socially maladjusted, with a sharp sense of humour that more often makes the people he's talking to uncomfortable than actually amuses them. He doesn't trust easily, and he's deeply skeptical of any power structures and authority figures - from the Circles and Chantry to politicians and guards.

Educated in patchwork fashion mostly by his father, sometimes by a tribe of Chasind that pass through the area once every year and stop to trade, and sometimes by spirits of the Fade, Hawke's magic is noticeably idiosyncratic, the result of someone whose education is thorough but patchy, and almost entirely practical instead of academic, in contrast with the Circles' more balanced approach. Hawke's offensive magic predominantly belongs to the Primal school of magic, manipulating earth and lightning to attack his enemies, while his proclivity for spirits has set him up well for the Spirit Healer school of magic, drawing on spirits of Faith and Peace to heal and protect those around him.

(Of course, the fact that people are far less likely to turn an apostate healer in to the Templars than they are any other apostate definitely helps, in his opinion.)

In Lothering, Hawke eked out a living through a combination of healing work for the townspeople and mercenary work when it was available. Those who know or suspect that he's an apostate keep quiet about it: Lothering is, after all, a small village that needs all the healers it can get.

[Garrett Hawke is from Dragon Age, and is the property of name of Bioware. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]

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